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Landscape design plan and building your wildlife pond.

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Practical School Wildlife Ponds – building your wildlife pond. Landscape design tips for your new pond. Before you start digging, have a landscape design plan for the wildlife pond. Think about ecology. If you need help, ask for it; from local experts, or from parents or governors. If you have already completed a pond or have an old pond to restore;  to improve the pond ecology, or for more information and planting tips go to; landvision blog. We always like your feedback so leave a comment. Planting school wildlife ponds This is the one in a  series about creating a school wildlife pond....

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Butterflies Ecology Landscape Design, Creating Habitat

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Butterflies This is the second article on Butterflies Ecology, the first can be found here Ecology and Landscape design for creating habitat for Butterflies. Butterflies ecology and what to do to help stem the trend of decline in butterflies, such as Small Tortoiseshells?There are a number of general habitat needs of butterflies.  By providing for these, butterflies can be conserved and encouraged.  The caterpillar stages require the correct food plants.  The adults require suitable plants for nectar.  Provide warm, sunny sheltered spots, preferably with a south facing aspect. Butterflies...

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Native Hedges- encourage biodiversity

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Native Hedges helping to join habitats. Top tip * – Native hedges should use a mix of  trees and shrubs, the best plants for wildlife  in the UK, are those native to the UK . These include Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Wild Privet and Dogwood. Using native trees and shrub varieties will provide the highest wildlife value; providing flowers and later berries for food for insects, birds and small mammals. Consider these points when planning your wildlife hedge; The greater the number of hedge species, the greater the variety of wildlife. Plants should be suited to local soils. Plant hedges in a...

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Butterfly Ecology

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Butterfly Ecology                         Why should we worry about butterfly ecology? It is not only because butterflies are attractive. They are also important pollinators of our wild flowers. They are one of the first visible indicators of changes in habitats. They are easily spotted and recorded. The decline of butterflies and their habitats in Europe is why studying them and conserving them is important. Listen to David Attenborough on Radio 4’s Today program talking about RSPBs  State of Nature report. The life of the...

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Planting school wildlife ponds

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Planting school wildlife ponds This is the secound in a series about creating a school wildlife pond. Others are: School Wildlife ponds School Wildlife pond -Wildlife. Part 2. Planting a school wildlife ponds is part of the series of blogs Landvision is running on school wildlife ponds.   The best time to build a pond is Spring and Summer when the soil conditions are dry. Aquatic plants need to be planted in the correct zone of the School Wildlife pond. There are approximately 5 zones, depending on the depth of water and growing habit of the plants. Zone 1 – Bog garden/marsh-...

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