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BS 42020 Biodiversity; Code of Practice for planning and development; designing and managing robust ecosystem services.

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BS 42020 biodiversity; Designing and managing robust ecosystem services. Increased frequency of storm events, higher rainfall due to jet stream, effects of climate change, increased development and recreation pressures, all require habitat design that is sensitive to the demands placed on the landscape. These “eco system services” are what the landscape offers us in return for our use of it. In order to be able to use ecosystem services effectively, habitat design and landscape management, will help to replenish landscapes which have become fragmented due to the pressures placed on them....

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BS:42020; Biodiversity – Code of Practice for planning and development; Biodiversity Offsetting

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Biodiversity Offsetting. The new BS; 42020 Biodiversity – Code of Practice for planning and development will help biodiversity offsetting. This is due to the fact that planning, buildings, new developments plus changes in land use, are all included in this new BS 42020 on biodiversity. The BS; Biodiversity – Code of practice for planning and development looks at how man’s activities impact upon the biodiversity of the landscape, on its ecology, plants and animals. The new BS provides guidance on how to produce clear and concise ecological information to accompany planning applications....

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BS:42020 on Biodiversity-Code of Practice for planning and development

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BS:42020 on Biodiversity- Code of Practice for planning and development will be used by Landvision, Local Authorities and developers and planners. This British Standard aims to ensure that all the necessary ecological information is obtained and presented in a clear and concise manner. The reports based on the new BS will form the basis for making sound planning decisions for new developments and changes in land use. This new BS:42020 on Biodiversity will provide guidance to support landscape and planning applications and give planning authorities greater confidence in information included...

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