Landscape Assessment for Conserving Open Downs field for Local Pressure Group

LVIA PhotoLandvision have carried out a landscape assessment for a Local Pressure Group near Brighton. The landscape assessment is for a field in the Open Downs adjacent to South Downs National Park. The land is part of a Valued Landscape. The topography of the field is continuous with the surrounding National Park landscape of Open Downs.

The landscape character of the land is Open Downs; this is a historic landscape. It has small ancient villages and scattered rural hamlets set amidst dry valleys of Open Downs. The land is rolling, open downland within a dry valley system. It has been managed as agricultural downland for centuries. The field therefore has a rarity of natural land form. It also thus has rare plants and insects specific to lowland calcareous grassland.By safeguarding the whole historic downland field intact, the open downland character of the site and of the adjacent National Park will be protected and conserved. The landscape assessment will help to conserve the Green Gap between the villages of the dry valley within their Open Downs setting. Views of the field from the South Downs National Park have thus been conserved by the landscape assessment of Landvision, for future generations to enjoy. A planning application was turned down by the Council .You can download the complete assessment from here.

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