Landscape Project

Habitat Creation and Green Infrastructure – Landvision

Landvision’s past landscape projects include design of landscapes. Landscape management projects for restoration of land. Assessing ecology, soils and geology are a starting point, also landscape character. Landvision design resilient landscapes that are bio-diverse and sustainable.

Species such as Butterflies are one of the first species to indicate that an ecosystem is in decline. Integrated landscape design offers great opportunities to transform landscapes.

By linking habitats created, green infrastructure offers a possibility of improving the landscape for biodiversity.

When local authorities place GI at the core of polices, we should start to see a stabilisation of some declining species, as highlighted in the State of Nature report for England.

Current projects include; landscape design plans for ponds and wildlife areas in Sussex. This will contain habitat creation and management plans to sustain the ecosystem and to replenish it.

Design of grounds at Care Home in London. This includes tree planting for long term sustainability and improved landscape amenity.

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