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Unpredictability of weather events

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  Increasing unpredictability of floods, droughts and storms. The current unpredictable weather patterns and climate shifts are related to events 25 years ago! It has taken 25 years for people to begin to listen and accept that climate change is something that they will have to deal with. Why has it taken so long? How do we know that climate is changing? Well, climate sceptics have done such an excellent job of maintaining that the release of Co2 into the atmosphere is a myth, that most people have chosen to believe in their own myth, that is a myth! The increasing incidence of storm...

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LandVision blog

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Welcome to the new LandVision Blog which is aimed at providing information on landscape to web visitors. The Landvision Blog provides up to date guidance and advice on environment. Landscape, planning, ecology and design all feature in the news and we will keep you all informed. Within the space allowed, we hope to show case some of the latest news and comment,our projects, both large and small, as well as give some updates on legislation which affects the environment. The LPA Local Planning Authority need what is now called a Preliminary Ecological Assessment in order to comply with...

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