Landscape Planning

landscape planning


Landvision advises on Landscape Planning for developments. We specialise in Landscape Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA). We also draw up Section 106 Agreements. Landvision have an excellent track record as Expert Witness in Landscape.

Section 106 Agreements.

With extensive experience of natural and built environments, we specialise in the discharge of landscape planning conditions, both for landscape and for ecology. Advising on Section 106 agreements, Landvision have a good relationship with Local Authorities. We will advise you to help you to secure planning permission for your new development. We will give you pragmatic, cost effective and time-saving specialist advice.

Landscape plans.

We will draw up landscape plans to help to discharge landscape planning conditions for your site.

Green infrastructure.

Green infrastructure is part of the work we do.  According to the latest NPPF, 2018 (revised July 2018) green infrastructure will need to be enhanced. There will need to be more than just “no net loss”. Landvision can advise you on how to link and conserve your green infrastructure.


To enhance and conserve, we currently prepare ecology reports. We also do landscape and ecology management plans. We work on a variety of landscape planning projects. They include drawing up Landscape and amenity management plans, and Construction environmental management plans.

This advice on your project will comply with the latest BS 42020:2013 Biodiversity; with robust assessment of the likely ecological effects of proposed development. We then help to secure mitigation and enhancement measures. These form part of planning consent. We advise clients throughout the construction process. We also advise if there is the need for any long-term environmental management and monitoring.

Our professional affiliations.

We understand the needs of the developer as we have 32 years experience in landscape planning. We are fully qualified members of the Landscape Institute, The Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. Our landscape planners are well qualified and undertake regular CPD training. This enables us to work to the highest industry standards on your development.

Expert Witness- Landscape.

We produced “comprehensive and detailed” landscape expert witness LVIA evidence for Public Inquiries and informal hearings. Having appeared as expert witness for landscape for private and corporate applications with successful outcomes for our clients, Local planning Authorities, Blue Chip and other commercial clients as well as individuals private clients.

Landscape character.

We believe that the landscape character should be an integral part of any development. If considered carefully and with the use of effective landscape planning, a sensitive development can even improve the visual amenity value and landscape character of an area. Green spaces are important parts of landscape character.

We will strive to protect important landscape features, whether these be of historical value, cultural value, aesthetic or amenity value.

Thus our work will be contributing to the setting and overall landscape character of an area. We appreciate that it is these features that give a town, village, or area a distinct identity and that your development will be given planning permission if it contributes in a positive way towards building a rich and varied landscape.

Thus, we will draw up planning applications to reflect key characteristics of and conserve sensitive locations such as National Parks, and AONBs, using sympathetic design. Landscape Character is an important consideration in landscape planning; at Landvision, we bring specialist training in ecology and in Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) and use this expertise for all your new projects.

Our expertise and commitment.

Using Landvision’s expertise in landscape planning, ecology and sustainability will save you time and money. Our designs will be site led and minimize any ecological impact of a development.

Where possible our plans act to enhance green infrastructure and landscape ecology. Thus, creating positive results for all concerned. This will add to the market value of your development and will also ensure that you obtain your site’s planning permission within a more reasonable time scale.

Landvision’s landscape planners and ecologists work closely together to enhance site biodiversity.

Landvision recognise the importance of the relationship between built and natural environments, to benefit wildlife whilst re vitalising sustainable local communities.

Our plans will provide opportunities for improving health via contact with natural world elements.

Sustainable development, linking of green space of high biodiversity and green infrastructure are an investment in the future. We help to advise on how to create improved ecosystem services for your land which will benefit you as well as society.

Our landscape planning, Landscape Planning and Development and landscape designs will re pay your investment in using our professional services; resulting in a better landscape in which we can all live.

As part of our work on green infrastructure, we do landscape and vegetation mapping, drone surveys and Landscape Character Assessments.

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