Landscape Architects

Woodland management plans and grants

Landvision have considerable experience in drawing up woodland management plans. We can help you by distinguishing between individual woods of high conservation value and woodlands with potential for timber production, by surveying and this can be followed by Landvision drawing up a woodland management plan.

The Forestry Commission  have a template for drawing up woodland management plans, if you are thinking of applying for a grant from the forestry commission, this template is the one to use.  The Forestry Commissions page on woodland regulations can provide help with Felling Licenses, plant health and Environment Impact Assessments (EIA) .

If your woodland has a high conservation value, we can help you to obtain woodland grants for the management of your wood. In some cases this will be through restoring traditional management practices; in other woods, this will be through managing a proportion of the woodland on non intervention lines, in order to restore natural conditions where this is possible. Or, alternative woodland management systems will be introduced to retain or enhance the nature conservation value of a site or area. For more details please contact us on 01892 782200.