Landscape Input Into Planning Applications

Landscape planning input into planning applications

Landvision is landscape planning consultants with considerableismmercial experience.  For Landscape planning input into a wide variety of planning applications. We specialise in release of landscape conditions, using GIS. We have worked on a wide variety of sites and projects. Our landscape planning consultancy can involve drawing up landscape plans with GIS, to satisfy planning conditions on a residential project. Or, we can also specify other landscape works, so that planning conditions can be discharged and planning permission can be obtained. We provide Landscape Planning

Landvision’s  main service is provision of a range of landscape planning services input to satisfy each site’s opportunities and to minimize any constraints.

These services include;

 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments;

Environmental Impact Assessments;

Landscape Character Assessments;

Historic Landscape Assessments;

Public Inquiry Expert Witness Appearances;

Landscape Design And Capacity Appraisals.

Landvision carry out the release of landscape planning conditions for applications on behalf of clients. Our landscape team provide environmental planning advice on a variety of developments including:

Care Homes.
Schools and Colleges.




Renewable Energy



Preparing a landscape restoration plan of a quarry or mine, Landvision will undertake site survey work and desk top studies. We give experienced opinions on tree health, BS 5837:2012 tree surveys. Landvision will survey the ecology of your site if required; producing Phase 1 Extended ecology surveys and reports. The expert input under one roof at Landvision will give can help you to gain planning permission quicker and this will enable a speeding up the planning process on your application and Landvision will help you to avoid costly delays.

Telephone the landscape architects team at Landvision to liaise with Local Authority Planners for you, on your project. This will facilitate planning permission for your project to go ahead; tel Landvision landscape architects team at  01892 782200