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Environmental Assessment

Landvision’s expert team of ecologists are experienced in undertaking Environmental Assessment and we belong to IEEM, the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Assessment. IEEM are responsible for the Guidelines, promoting good practice in Ecological Impact Assessment and Environmental Assessments of terrestrial and coastal environments in the UK.

An ecological impact assessment is the process of ” identifying,quantifying and evaluating the potential impacts of defined actions on ecosystems and their components. If properly implemented it provides a scientifically defensible approach to ecosystem management.” (Treweek, 1999.) So, an Ecological Impact Assessment forms a part of Environmental Assessments, frequently required for very large projects, or projects where they border or lie within special protected landscapes, such as SSSIs, (Sites of Special Scientific Interest.) 

Landvision will follow IEEM guidelines to carry out your Environmental Assessment work and we currently undertake work for a wide variety of clients. For more advice or help with your Environmental Assessment, please ring us on 01892 782200.