Landscape Architects

Tree Preservation Order (TPO) Advice

A TPO is a Tree Preservation Order, Landvision have extensive experience of giving advice to clients on TPOs. The TPO is an order made by a local planning authority to protect trees or woodlands. The main effect of the TPO is to prohibit: cutting down, uprooting, topping, lopping, wilful damage or the wilful destruction of trees or woodland without the LPA’s consent. The cutting of roots, although not expressly covered in TPOs, is a potentially damaging operation and will also require the LPA’s consent.

Tree preservation orders (or TPOs) are placed on trees by local authorities (las) to safeguard landscape amenity and to preserve important trees. TPOs placed on old Landmark trees can include TPOs on veteran oak trees of several hundreds of years of age, or on old lime trees, which tend to be very long lived species. TPOs enable the las to preserve trees; they are often located within built up urban environments, where trees contribute much to the visual and ecological amenity of neighbourhoods and are part of the landscape character. Landvision will liaise with Local authorities on your behalf. Clients with TPOs are assisted by Landvision, where they need to obtain permission for carrying out tree works to trees with TPOs.

For expert tree advice on your TPOs or your trees and woodland in general; contact Landvision on 01892 782200.