Landscape Architects

Park Design

We can design Parks to suit your requirements, whether it be developing design proposals for a brown field site or updating an existing Victorian park. Landvision have experience of designing new Parks and play areas from nursery age, design of open space to designs for teenagers. The design can involve new planting, with hard landscaping, to providing detailed planting plans around new features or buildings. This work can involve Historic Parkland Restoration, grant applications and ecological assessment of the existing park, all of which Landvision have in-house expertise in.

At Landvision, we design Parks for all year round interest; so that there is colour and amenity for each and every season. Some trees retain their foliage until the new leaves emerge on the branches. We use these trees with evergreens to give all year round interest. Some trees have special bark interest, of white or reddish brown, with special shiny bark effects like mahogany, whilst others have white clouds of blossom and bright, stunning autumn colours of reds, yellows and oranges. By using these special trees, with stonework effects and art work such as sculptures, in our Parks designs, interest is created all year round. Landvisions’ designs have these special effects, incorporating trees for every season.

The management and design of our Parks contribute to the health and well being of residents and visitors to Parks, particularly in inner city areas and urban areas, where living near to green space and open areas with greenery can greatly enhance the quality of life of residents. Landvisions’ designs for Parks and green spaces, are carefully drawn, to create oases of peace and tranquillity within busy urban areas and are sought after in Summer and Winter alike, for relaxation by residents in the busy daily life cities and towns.

Landvision can work on your urban Park from conceptual design, to drawing up planting lists and urban design specifications. Landvision write contracts and bills of quantity, let contracts on your behalf and can select specialist contractors to help you to implement your Parkland design. Landvisions’ experts will also visit sites, to set out planting beds and will help to complete your projects on time. Landvision offer Clerk of works site visits, running of planting and hard landscape contracts, as well as checking and authorising valuations on your behalf. For more information on how we can help you to save time and money on your Parkland projects, contact our expert Landvision designers on 01892 782200.