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BS; 5837 2012 Tree Survey and Reports

BS 5837 2012 surveys and reports.

Landvision staff have over 25 years experience of work on development sites. The latest BS; 5837 2012,  requires that trees on development sites are protected. Landvision tree surveys and reports are carried out at an early stage of the development process wherever possible. This enables changes to made to accommodate trees where they can be retained.

The Tree Survey.

The tree survey records the location, soil type, tree name, tree spread, height of a tree, along with its age, overall tree health and life expectancy of the tree. These factors help the arboriculturist to use tree categorization – placing the tree in one of the thirteen categories. This information is plotted using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software along with the Root Protection Areas (RPA). This identifies the constraints that trees place on the design process.

Tree Protection Plan.

Working closely with other professionals, Landvision Arboriculturists draw up a Tree Protection Plan along with a report which contains an Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) which will resolve any issues on how the trees are to be protected. The AIA may well include barriers to protect trees which are to be retained, details on tree works to enable the development to go ahead and surface treatments.

Arboricultural Method Statement.

This section details the operations to take place, such as demolition of existing structures, temporary ground protection measures. storage of materials and installation of foundations.

BS; 5837:2012, also makes provision for new planting and site monitoring.

Landvision advises on this BS; 5837:2012 whilst liaising with architects, engineers and client. Call us on 01892 782200 for help with BS; 5837;2012 and arboricultural advice.