Landscape Architects


We started business in 1997 as Charmaine Noel Associates was formed in 1997. We have considerable professional experience, having worked for many years with a large number of Local Authorities, Quangos, developers, architects, engineers, planners Land project managers as well as for private clients. We are currently landscape consultants to a broad spectrum of land use professionals, namely planners, architects, engineers, chartered surveyors, private developers, Local authorities, quangos and other interested parties.

We have extensive experience in ecology, landscape design, landscape contract management, amenity horticulture, woodland management plans, planning applications, grant applications, grassland management and general landscape management. Landvision is committed to delivering top quality ecological and environmental work. Our pro-active team is dedicated to delivering excellence in all fields and to advising and helping our clients to obtain planning permission whilst safeguarding the environment.


Mission statement

“We are committed to acting responsibly as a business, environmentally and socially. Wherever possible, we use local products and local contractors; this has a benefit for the local economy. It also has far reaching benefits in lowering our carbon footprint as a company. We use technology and remote working instead of road travel to lower our carbon footprint. Where we can, we use public transport and car sharing. We try to avoid the use of hardwoods from tropical sources. We would not support the use of products from oppressive regimes. Nor, the use of products from countries which fail to uphold basic human rights within their sphere of influence. Nor would we support any organisation that advocates discrimination and incitement to hatred. Nor, the manufacture of or transfer of indiscriminate weapons and transfer or manufacture of torture equipment.”

Social Enterprise Policy

We advocate investing in organisations that make up the Social Enterprise sector, We believe that this will make our local communities stronger, improving social responsibility, accountability and thus quality of life in general in our society in the long term.

The Accreditations of Social Enterprise Policy are Member of The Landscape Institute , Member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management.