Landvision will provide all the ecology reports which you require, whether it be a simple site check before you buy a plot of land, or a comprehensive protected species report. Ecological, biodiversity and protected species surveys and reports are required by planning departments for planning applications, to satisfy the local planning authority that your development takes into account the local biodiversity of your site. Landvision undertake;

  • Ecological Appraisal (on straightforward or small sites)
  • Phase 1 Habitat Surveys
  • Bat Surveys, Bird Surveys, Great Crested Newt Surveys, Badger Surveys
  • Ecology reports in Environmental Statements
  • Natural England licence applications
  • SQE Suitably Qualified Ecologist input into BREEAM ecology and CSH ecology and land use sections.
  • Our ecologists can undertake any protected species and biodiversity surveys

We can work with on which survey method should be used and when would be the best time for a survey. Many surveys are seasonal and have to be done at a certian time of year.
Call us for adive on 01892 782200.