Landscape Architects

Hard Landscape Detailing

Landvision have a dedicated team of expert landscape designers who can offer you designs incorporating a wide range of hard detailing for all environments. These hard landscape details include detailing for streets and squares, as well as landmark projects. Landvision’s hard detailing will also frequently incorporate sustainable urban drainage solutions (SUDs) to any hard detailing, alleviating flooding and thus also enabling sustainable use of water resources.

Our urban designs incorporate a wide range of hard detailing options;including examining existing hard landscaping land marks, historic buildings and landscapes; also, restoring and adding new walls, gates, fences, pergolas, hard surfaced paths and patios, as well as designing hard landscape detailing of new plazas and Parkland landscapes. Landvision’s expert landscape designers can design ponds and lakes with associated paths and seating to add character and rejuvenate parks and large gardens.

No matter what hard landscape detailing you require, Landvision can design it for you and can provide draft plans of various designs for you, prior to agreeing on a final design and to arranging suppliers and selection of a specialist landscape contractor. 

We are a registered practice with The Landscape Institute and we are also members of The Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM).