Landscape Architects

The landscape character of an area is what makes an area unique. These can be juxtaposition of natural features, of land form, soil, village settlement patterns, clusters of listed buildings,a conservation area, field size and patterns, distribution of urban and rural landscape and the overall historic settlement and landscape character, which makes an area unique. The description of landscape Character types are used for enhancing local distinctiveness. This Landscape character mapping enables future development to be well suited to its location. Government has endorsed the use of Landscape Character in planning policy statements. This is a structured landscape assessment technique which is highly specialized and is extremely useful in informing and tuning landscape planning and planning applications.

Borough councils use the description of character types to assess whether development is acceptable in a certain location. If so, then appropriate design which will be in sympathy with the surroundings and which will perpetuate the existing landscape characteristics, will need to be used. Long term protection of the landscape character of a place will involve active improvements to a particular locality. This means not just preservation of its existing state but added characteristics, such as landscape planting and management to enhance the habitats in the area of a proposed development.

Landvision are the specialists in Landscape character, having trained in landscape character assessment techniques, design and ecology to chartered level, with horticulture and arboriculture. Our team also have more than 25 years applied experience in the landscape character assessment field. Landvision is a leading landscape design and planning consultancy; we undertake landscape character assessments. We use landscape character assessment in all our landscape planning work. To discuss your landscape character assessment, for help with your Landscape planning application or development projects; call Landvision on 01892 782200 or for any other queries about landscape planning matters, or  use the contact page