Landscape Architects


Landvision offer BAPS; ecological action plans or Biodiversity Action Plans which will enhance your site and your ecological rating of your sites.
Landvision’s team have 25 years experience of specifying BAPS, ecological action plans for a host of different organisations. Usually a BAP is linked to a particular Protected species or an area such as an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) to help to ensure the health of the ecology of a site to give continuity of management of biodiversity. Increasingly though BAPS are being sought for natural areas in suburban settings where landscapes require enhancement and can be linked to adjoining habitats, to form green corridors.

Landvision are dedicated to providing pragmatic and cost effective and timely management plans. These have been for a wide variety of wildlife habitats and landscapes over the years from heathland, to dune slacks, from rural to suburban, to densely urban areas. We have done most types of landscape and species related BAP.

Why have a BAP for your site? It offers direction, and a management blueprint for your land. This can not only help the site itself and the neighbouring areas; it can boost land values by 10% and this will help to add value to your company, by enhancing its standing in planning circles. This is because biodiversity management is part of a company’s corporate responsibility and most people now are aware of and are concerned about biodiversity declines. So, order a BAP now by ringing us on 01892 782200, to show that you have made room for biodiversity on your land; this will help to show your customers that you are making a difference. Or you can contact us on the contacts page. We look forward to hearing from you.