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Tree Care & Veteran Tree Management

Tree care & Veteran tree Management

The tree survey is the first stage in determining tree care and veteran tree management. Landvision will survey the trees on your site using hand held devices to record tree location by using GPS. Data can then be imported in Autocad or GIS applications such as Archinfo.  Tree care surveys use these applications to draw up tree care and veteran tree management strategies. Veteran trees need special care. Landvision will provide expert advice on the findings of tree care surveys for veteran tree management. Veteran trees are the oldest trees in our parks and woodland. Veteran trees thus need extra care; as they support some very rare fauna and flora. Landvision arboriculturists can advise you on all your Veteran tree care needs. We have produced tree care reports for many veteran trees in old Parkland and woodlands.

Veteran tree safety reports.

Tree safety reports, tree management strategies, green infrastructure, tree protection are all aspects of tree care.

For your tree care inquiry and veteran tree management queries to be answered, call Landvision’s arboriculture team on 01892 782200. or email –