Landscape Architects

Plants and Vegetation surveys

Plant and Vegetation surveys are essential in determining types of habitat as a part of ecological survey work. Landvision’s team are well qualified to carry out plant and vegetation surveys. Plants and vegetation are the primary habitat for animals for food and shelter; so plant and vegetation surveys are vital in determining the ecological status of a site and its ability to provide niches for biodiversity. 

Landvision can advise on the findings of plant and vegetation surveys, from the scoping level to carrying Phase 2 plant and vegetation surveys and subsequent monitoring surveys, if these are required.These surveys will all help to determine future management of a site.

Landvision’s plants and vegetation surveys help to determine the plant inventory of a site; to assess the habitats on your site, noting location of rare plants and the status of habitats, such as Ancient semi natural woodland. These surveys then become part of the ecological data on the site and will help to direct the management recommendations in these reports, to sustain any special plant and vegetation communities or habitats that require protection or enhancement.

For further help with your plant and vegetation surveys, please ring us on 01892 782200.