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Neighbourhood Plans.

Neighbourhood plans are a way to involve local communities in the decision making planning process.  The landscape planner inspires other professionals and also local people to improve their neighbourhoods. Landscape planning offers ways of helping the natural environment to become more resilient, better designed and more sensitively managed. The landscape planning role is important in pushing up the bar of standards. It ensures that our local landscapes become more productive, that residents draw real benefits from the landscapes in which they live and work.

The role of landscape planner in landscape planning.
The judicious use of landscape planning by the landscape planner means that developments are placed within the landscape whilst ensuring;

  • Green infrastructure links
  • Landscape character protection
  • Biodiversity and environment conserved
  • Distinctive places enhanced
  • Local communities made sustainable
  • Landscapes enhanced
  • Landscape effects of development mitigated
  • Pollutants controlled, erosion reduced, clean water and air
  • Economic benefits increased

Learning more from our environment.
Green infrastructure give ecosystem services. Drawing up and interpreting the results of LVIAs, EVIAs and landscape character assessments are vital. A landscape planner advises on how to place change within landscape; working on landscape planning applications, liaising with local authorities on behalf of clients and fellow professionals. The landscape planner tackles the placing of large scale environmental changes and developments. Landscape planning aims to foresee social changes and challenges. The landscape planner tries to keep large scale developments people friendly. They also have a long term vision for the future. This is to safeguard the natural environment to combat climate change.

Improving and linking Green Spaces through Green Infrastructure.
The landscape planner uses the tools of landscape planning and in depth landscape knowledge and understanding to produce green spaces (Green Infrastructure) that link together in meaningful ways to benefit communities.

This helps to create a Sense of place in local communities as well as bringing;

  • Biodiversity benefits for rare, under threat and endangered species.
  • Slowing climate change.
  • Improving the capacity of landscapes to grow food.
  • Reducing flooding risk.
  • Producing spaces for everyone to unwind and relax in.
  • Giving nature a helping hand to become more resilient.
  • Building eco communities.
  • Improving social and landscape understanding.

Making use of nature whilst protecting it.
The landscape planner advises fellow professionals on how to develop land whilst conserving landscape character.

Landscape Planning shows us ways of how to harness nature without destroying it. This extends to safeguarding the character of landscape. The landscape planner will  increasingly work with local communities to help them to achieve their goals. This is because, with global climate change and food supply challenges facing society, Local authorities, local land owners and communities will  need to work with the landscape planner. Working together a new vision for neighbourhoods will evolve; making better places to live in and to leave for future generations to enjoy by landscape planning.

To find out about our landscape planning work, go to our Contact page or you can speak to Landvision’s experts in landscape planning on 01892 782200.

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