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It’s Hot

It’s Hot Yes it’s hot outside in the United Kingdom. This is a blog on ideas of how to keep your plot cool and you

Rethinking Parks

Rethinking Parks ? I have just listened to a rather depressing webinar on The Landscape Institute Web site on Rethinking Parks.  (It may not be


LandVision give detailed advice, plans and reports tailored to your specific needs and budget such as BS5837. We can discharge your landscape conditions on your planning application and provide expert advice on Tree Safety, Woodland Management including Ancient Woodland management plans for Forestry Commission grants.

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We provide advice on Landscape ecology, Woodland ecology. This includes Botanical surveys, Breeam, CSH, Reptile and amphibian surveys, mammal and bird surveys and scoping surveys. We can advise on producing your own plan to conserve the wildlife on your site.

Land Use Planning

At Landvision, we understand the importance of land use planning in achieving a balance between growth, prosperity, conservation, and development. Let us help create sustainable and inclusive communities that harmonize with the natural landscape. Contact us today at 01892 782200.

Landscape Capacity Studies

Landscape Capacity Studies Landscape capacity is the extent to which a type of landscape is able to accommodate change without significant effects on its local