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Biodiversity Net Gain to stop developments.

And for the text below we have come up with “Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is an approach and requirement for development to leave biodiversity in a better state than before. It’s about more than just minimizing environmental harm; it’s about making a positive contribution to nature and our ecosystems. The Environment Act 2021 sets out the requirements for Net Gain.


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What is Biodiversity Net Gain?

BNG is a principle that ensures development projects result in a net gain in biodiversity. This means that the biodiversity value after the development will need to be higher than before the development took place. It’s a way of ensuring that our actions today don’t lead to a loss of biodiversity for future generations.
In the world of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), metrics play a crucial role. They provide a standardized way to measure and compare biodiversity values, enabling us to quantify the impact of each development project on biodiversity to ensure that they result in a net gain.”


There are some exemptions from the requirement to show a Net Gain.General Permitted Development. If your project is exempt from the TCPA under the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015, then it is also exempt from the requirement for Biodiversity Net Gain.If your proposals are for:

Pre-development biodiversity units

You will require an ecologist to undertake a survey of the site. Much like a PEA or Phase 1 Habitat Survey, the Metric requires that habitat type to be recorded along with:

For the post-development Metric calculation, all the above criteria are used along with:

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