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BS:42020 on Biodiversity-Code of Practice for planning and development

BS:42020 on Biodiversity- Code of Practice for planning and development will be used by Landvision, Local Authorities and developers and planners. This British Standard aims to ensure that all the necessary ecological information is obtained and presented in a clear and concise manner. The reports based on the new BS will form the basis for making sound planning decisions for new developments and changes in land use.

This new BS:42020 on Biodiversity will provide guidance to support landscape and planning applications and give planning authorities greater confidence in information included in a planning application. Now that the PPS9 Biodiversity and geological Conservation has been superseded by the new National Planning Policy Framework, the BS 42020 on Biodiversity will be required to direct and consolidate decision-making on biodiversity and landscape management.

The ecology reports, habitat design work and landscape management projects in East Sussex by Landvision will adhere to the new BS:42020 on Biodiversity, which stipulates a Code of Practice for landscape planning and development projects.

The ecological survey and assessment  work Landvision undertakes always tries to minimise the effects on the ecology of a site. Along with this minimisation of the effects of a development, the BS42020 seeks to explore opportunities for new developments to provide benefits for wildlife. Something Landvision has always done. Habitat design has been one of our specialisms for many years.

Incorporating biodiversity  management into the separate stages of the planning process saves species as well as saving time and money.

Landvision will advise you on timings for ecological surveys; including Phase 1 ecological surveys and Phase 2 surveys.

Habitat design and landscape management produce sustainable Landscapes in East Sussex. An important part of the new BS will be in its use as a framework BS, to demonstrate how biodiversity has been managed. Once this has been shown, that is, how landscape management for biodiversity will be undertaken, this will be part of the development process, any impact will be then be identified and minimised.

If you need to discuss a project which requires a planning submission which is compliant with BS:42020 them give us a call on 01892 782200 or visit our Contact page.

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Problem with Tree Officer

We often undertake trial pits to show that there are few roots within the RPA

Landvision helped us out with an extremely complex tree protection issue, which we were stuck on and was holding up our project. Their approach was at all times practical and professional and they successfully managed the issue for us. They always came back to me promptly whenever I had a query and with a helpful, positive and cheery attitude at all times, I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others.