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There are four species of native reptile and six species of native amphibian resident in the UK. Some of these amphibians and reptiles are quite secretive in nature but are fairly widespread in their habitats. The Natterjack toad and palmate newt are less common and inhabit sites which provide their needs.

Why survey for amphibians and reptiles? Surveying for these fauna, will help the existing populations to be monitored and for the long term health and welfare of these species to be enhanced through judicious site management, via BAPS and other protective measures. Surveys are generally best carried out during the higher temperatures of our Spring and Summer. This is particularly true as the weather has been more unpredictable in recent years and these species require warmer temperatures to become active and to find food.

What can survey results be used for?
Survey information will help identify which species are present. This will help various agencies to protect some sites of local conservation value.
Sensitive sites can be given appropriate management and protection.
Information from amphibian surveys will help land management plans to be kept updated and made current.
Population trends can be assessed and action taken.
Distribution of animals in the UK will help to keep biodiversity and landscape needs on the agenda and up to date.

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