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Expert Witness

Proof of Evidence.

The evidence given at Public Inquiry draws on our 32 + years experience in landscape and visual impacts evidence. This sound experience and knowledge base is a key part of our specialist skills that we offer.  We have a very positive record as expert witness,  successfully representing private developers, individual clients as well as private individuals, Protest Groups and Local Planning Authorities on a diverse range of sites and locations at Public Inquiries. Equally, our reports have been used for Informal Hearings. There have been some very successful outcomes for our clients.

We have established a reputation for detailed preparation and high quality supporting work, with evidence presented in a fair and impartial manner.

We prepare thorough evidence to assist the Inspector.

Our reports are clear, reliable and truthful. The LVIA and other landscape reports are in plain English. They adhere to guidance of The Landscape Institute and are in accordance with the LVIA Guidelines of The Landscape Institute.

We work well in a large as well as a small team. At a recent large Public Inquiry (2017), the Inspector said that Landvision’s landscape evidence was both “comprehensive and detailed.” The Inspector then found in favour of Landvision’s client. Costs were equally not awarded against Landvision’s client. An impressive double win for our client, a Local Planning Authority.

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