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What is Green Infrastructure? (GI) How GI understanding can help you and your local community to combat climate change.

What exactly is Green Infrastructure (GI)?

Green infrastructure is the green space, urban trees and bushes, woodlands that surround us. It is seen as important, because not only does it act on humans to give positive effects to society, but local councils are using GI to enhance local ecology to improve local health and well being as well as to boost ecology.

Green infrastructure (GI) works at all spatial scales from micro to macro. Big Society ideas and the idea of local community involvement in GI means that new GI can be planned, delivered and managed at the local level.
Despite the change of government, the increasing awareness and understanding of GI has not been lost. Defra’s “An invitation to shape the nature of England”, highlights importance of GI and need for planning and delivery of GI.
GI and allied political changes identified by The Landscape Institute include;
“The revocation of Regional Spatial Strategies
The establishment of Local Enterprise Partnerships
The creation of new designations to protect green areas of particular importance to local communities
The Big Society and local agendas.
The reduction of the budget deficit”
(Based on The Landscape Institute’s latest article on GI.)
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Landvision and The Landscape Institute both fully recognise many far reaching benefits of Green Infrastructure.
These include GI as a way of tackling;
Climate change adaptation and mitigation
Water management improvements and flood alleviation schemes.
Biodiversity enhancement and BAPs(Biodiversity Action Plans)
Crime, safety and antisocial behaviour reduction.
Employment and training opportunities.
Well being and general health
Economic investment in local communities.
Beauty/pride of and increased sense of place in local areas.
Good design, robust, fit for purpose landscape design.

A leaflet will be published in January 2011 by the Landscape Institute urging local communities to become involved.

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Problem with Tree Officer

We often undertake trial pits to show that there are few roots within the RPA

Landvision helped us out with an extremely complex tree protection issue, which we were stuck on and was holding up our project. Their approach was at all times practical and professional and they successfully managed the issue for us. They always came back to me promptly whenever I had a query and with a helpful, positive and cheery attitude at all times, I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to others.