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Fauna and Flora in LVIA reports in Sussex, Kent and Surrey

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Ecology in LVIA; Value of Fauna and flora in LVIA reports in Sussex. Habitat creation. Biodiversity offsetting. Baseline studies into LVIAs for LPAS for landscape planning in Sussex, Kent and Surrey, include site ecology and biodiversity, with habitat creation and biodiversity offsetting. Some sites have special qualities such as historic hedge banks. A site may have a woodland Shaw or contain a rough meadow pasture with a pond containing protected species. The ecology and the value of these special areas in terms of landscape ecology and Biodiversity offsetting will be assessed as part of...

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Mitigation in LVIA in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent.

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Habitat creation in Sussex, Surrey and Kent. Biodiversity offsetting in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent. When and why is mitigation required in LVIA?  Mitigation in LVIA in Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey will include accurate baseline studies by Landvision. Baseline studies are vital for  drawing up effective mitigation in LVIAs in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and Hampshire. Assessments of landscape and visual effects are set against baseline studies. The results of the LVIA baseline studies will determine significance of likely effects including any cumulative effects. Mitigation is part of...

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Importance of Cumulative Effects and LVIAs in Sussex, Kent and Surrey

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LVIAS are an evolving area of landscape design practice. They are required in view of new developments such as new energy farms, for instance, for on shore oil and gas exploration in Surrey and Wind Farms in Kent. The LVIAs and EIAs  (Environmental Impact Assessments) required by LPAs (Local Planning Authorities) in the Home Counties will determine the cumulative landscape effects of any of these new, often large scale, developments. Suitable mitigation measures will need to be drawn up to ensure that the environment can be adequately protected, otherwise LPAs will often advise that...

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